Climate Action

CEiiA is a Centre of Engineering and Innovation that develops services and products for the mobility industries and aeronautics. CEiiA is headquartered in Portugal and present in France, Italy, UK and Brazil.

As an active player in the field of mobility, CEiiA is well aware of its impact in the environment, namely on GHG emissions, and in everyday life, because of the cost of transportation and commuting times. is the answer of CEiiA for these challenges. is a real-time monitoring and management system for mobility. The online sensing and connection of vehicles (cars, buses, bikes, …), energy systems (charging, …) and other infrastructures (tolling, parking, …) provides accurate information, monitoring indicators such as GHG emissions or mobility patterns. Based on a user-centred approach, it allows users to make decisions about the way they move and how they manage their overall mobility, regarding mobility as a utility., elected by Eurocloud as one of the best cloud services in Europe in 2014, is operating intelligent networks of EVs and charging stations in Europe and Brazil. E-Mobility and Interoperability are at its core since 2010.

CEiiA enables sustainable mobility solutions for the specific challenges of cities and operators. Let’s partner.

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