Climate Action

Anglo American

Mining is an industry that can do enormous good and will continue to be a major force through the 21st century, as demand for the metals and minerals we produce increases.

With a significant presence in the developing world, we have the ability to use our scale and experience to deliver wider social and economic development to uplift communities and create sustainable benefits.

At Anglo American our commitment to sustainability, partnership and open, honest engagement with our stakeholders is at the core of our values. It is central to how we think and it is at the heart of how we conduct our business. For us, sustainable development plays a crucial role in delivering value for our stakeholders.

Creating financial value for our shareholders is a given, but we believe this is not incompatible with environmental protection, and delivering broader benefits to our host governments and communities. I believe that the way we manage this will have a profound influence on the future of our business, which is why we embed the principles of sustainable development in everything we do, starting at the top with our strategy and values, and going right through the organsiation, to the policies and processes that underpin our work.

Anglo American is committed to enabling our operations and local communities to address and adapt to the causes and effects of Climate Change. The world will continue to demand the commodities we produce and the low carbon economy cannot exist without metals. Coal is an important part of the energy mix, for example, and it will continue to drive the economic and social progress of much of the developing world – and several parts of the developed world – for the foreseeable future. The challenge is to make the production and use of the commodities we produce more sustainable.

We have set a goal of achieving the maximum economically sustainable energy and carbon saving in our business and in the use of our products. Our climate change strategy has three focus areas: operational excellence, exploiting technologies and engagement and partnerships. Effective delivery of this ten-year strategy will deliver carbon and energy savings and will yield a clear assessment of risks and opportunities in the markets in which we operate. We have clear action plans in place to mitigate those risks and create value for all of our stakeholders.

I have made safety and sustainable development a priority since joining Anglo American and creating a culture of care and respect is central to how I lead. I believe that building trust and demonstrating responsibility are vital to securing, and maintaining, our licence to operate.

Anglo American


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