Climate Action

The Aliaxis Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of primarily plastic fluid handling systems used in residential and commercial construction, as well as in industrial and public infrastructure applications.

The Group's brands have strong identity and are firmly established in the markets they serve. Aliaxis is present in over 40 countries, has more than 100 manufacturing and commercial entities and employs over 14.000 people. In addition to the well-established markets of Europe and North America, they have operations in Latin and South America, Australasia and Asia.

Adherence to environmental regulation and standards is now fully integrated into the Group's operations, whereby sharing best practices among sites is part of their management system.

The Group's approach to environmental protection starts with the design and a life-cycle approach to all products. This approach considers both the development of products contributing to environmental protection, as well as  the environmental performance of the products themselves. The Group's R&D departments plays a key role in this process, both in designing products for new applications and in seeking to improve existing products in the light of newer, more environmentally beneficial product formulations.


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Sustainability and innovation: Aliaxis Group

09 Dec 2013