Climate Action

Banco Agropecuario - AGROBANCO, Peruvian State-owned development bank, is all about providing small and mid-size producers the financial solutions they need to foster sustainable growth achieving their goals.

As promoter of the sector through a business model based on knowing the producer’s activities and providing technical assistance, it has presence in 73% of the districts nationwide, mostly focused on the jungle and highlands areas where family agriculture and small-scale production units prevail.  Its customer portfolio represents 31% of the total number of clients cared by the financial system in the Peruvian agricultural sector. 

As a modern and sustainable development institution, Agrobanco has initiated the process   to become a “Green Bank” by integrating mechanisms to manage social and environmental risk elements within the projects it finances.

This process will allow Agrobanco to adjust the portfolio of financial products towards the implementation of sustainable livestock, forestry, and agriculture production systems, promoting good practices that lead to an increased efficiency in the use of natural and financial resources.

Agrobanco has an investment grade rating from international rating agencies.  In addition, it has received the ALIDE 2015 award, which recognizes the Financial Inclusion program strategy (“Profundización Financiera”) as the best of its kind in Latin America.

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