Meeting the EU Paris-Aligned benchmark guidance

Climate transition benchmarks have become a focal point for investors looking to integrate climate risks into their portfolios and align them with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

20 July 2020

Incorporating ESG Into Your Portfolio: What are the options for index investors?

Incorporating ESG considerations into portfolios is clearly a growing priority for many investors today. Whether driven by regulation, investment beliefs or values — investors are increasingly asking how their indexed or passive investments can adapt to new realities. Index managers have broadened their toolkits and are able to offer portfolios that no longer just capture the wider market but that have specific objectives, such as efficiently incorporating ESG criteria. So, how can index managers help investors futureproof their portfolios?

20 July 2020

ECB developing an appetite for green bonds

In a recent interview Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank, announced that they will begin to use the bank’s asset purchase scheme to pursue green objectives. “I want to explore every avenue available in order to combat climate change” she told the Financial Times. Particular focus has been placed by the market on the potential of the ECB to focus on the purchase of green bonds by the scheme.

16 July 2020