Data: Breaking Down ESG’s Final Barrier

When it comes to data about a company’s ESG practices there are significant barriers to quality. Currently, governments around the world don’t require firms to report on most ESG data. Companies are left to determine for themselves which ESG factors are material to their business performance and what information to disclose. To address these issues, State Street Global Advisors has built its own scoring system, R-Factor.

19 June 2020

Climate Investing: Moving From Conversation To Action

Commitments by investors to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD), as well as existing and pending regulation in Europe, are quickly advancing the financial industry's response to climate change. State Street Global Advisors has developed a suite of capabilities to help clients meet their investment goals specific to climate challenges. These include a spectrum of climate-related investment solutions, from exclusionary and mitigation solutions to those that also incorporate adaptation.

15 June 2020

An Integrated Approach to ESG and Quality

ESG factors are key considerations in evaluating a company’s quality and sustainable growth prospects. State Street’s Fundamental Growth and Core (FGC) Equity team has a long history of integrating ESG concepts into its fundamental analysis of companies.

11 June 2020

Open Goals: Taking SDG investing to the next level?

The latest Gates Foundation annual assessment of global progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is less than encouraging. According to Bill Gates, the goals are still far out of reach, as he lamented the world is “nowhere near improving fast enough” to meet them.

08 June 2020