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Governments across the world are firming up green energy plans to meet crucial climate targets, however whether the scale and timeline of these goals are achievable remains to be seen.

  • 06 November 2020
  • Energy Institute

Governments across the world are firming up green energy plans to meet crucial climate targets, however whether the scale and timeline of these goals are achievable remains to be seen.

Whilst there may be a long road ahead to reach net zero, one tool that we can all take advantage of in order to make immediate energy savings is energy efficiency.

As the findings of the Energy Institute’s annual Energy Barometer show, 'energy efficiency is indeed the biggest missed opportunity of the last decade. But it can also be the best investment of the next; at the core of a drive to refurbish our buildings and make them fit for the future. Government and the energy sector must put high energy performance buildings at the heart of the energy system of the future, to ‘build back better’ and set us firmly on the road to net zero.' (Dr Joanne Wade OBE FEI).

Having employees suitably qualified to make strategic decisions and set up robust company policies on energy management is essential, as is raising awareness in all individuals on how to reduce energy use at home and in the workplace. This is where the Energy Institute’s world-renowned Energy Management Training Courses come in. They have the most extensive training programmes available in the UK, and increasingly online from anywhere in the world. Everyone will benefit from the energy awareness tool EnergyAware, and for those working in energy, training is split into three distinct levels to support you throughout your working life and provide career progression.

The benefits of booking onto these courses include:

  • Quality training from industry experts
  • The ability to move up levels and further your career
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Network with other professionals online
  • Access free CPD resources

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Courses include:

Level 1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials

This 60-hour online introductory qualification provides participants with all the essential knowledge and skills they need to save energy, reduce operational costs and emissions, comply with legislation, and meet their organisation's environmental goals. Key topic areas include energy auditing, monitoring and targeting, and energy management solutions. Participants are also required to carry out a simple energy audit as part of the project element of this qualification.

Level 2: Energy Management Professional

This 200-hour online qualification offers a comprehensive overview of all the knowledge and skills required of a professional Energy Manager. Includes a project to solve a real issue within the student's organisation as part of the learning process. Participants are able to choose from a wide range of optional modules and tailor the course to their own needs and career aspirations – ideal for busy professionals looking to develop their career whilst at work.


An innovative 30-minute online tool designed to provide your staff with an insight into energy consumption and the impact this has on cost in the workplace, helping them to create a customised, actionable checklist of behaviour changes and smart technology decisions that they can take away and implement.

All modules that make up the Level 1 and Level 2 training qualifications are also available to take as individual courses.

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