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Verne Global owns and operates a data centre campus in Keflavik, Iceland. This location was strategically chosen to revolutionise data by directly addressing the problem–the power source.

We offer data centre decision makers a 100% carbon neutral and affordable power solution that has unparalleled pricing predictability, a range of server density options and efficiency without extra expense, using natural cooling. Our customers range in size from those requiring multi-kilowatts to multi-megawatts. Based in the United Kingdom, Verne Global is led by an experienced team with proven success in the data centre industry.

Verne Global’s mission is to develop and operate data centres in optimised geographic areas that offer organisations 100% renewable power without a price premium. Recognised at Rio+20 as a top sustainable solution by the Sustainia Awards, a body run by high-profile political figures including Arnold Schwarzenegger and European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard, Verne Global is leading the IT industry in connecting sustainability with global policy.
At this year’s Sustainable Innovation Expo alongside the Global Ministerial Environment Forum at the United Nations office in Nairobi, Verne Global will be led a workshop discussing ways in which organisations can reduce the impact that data centres are having on the environment. Governments, private companies and public organisations of all sizes are generating exponential amounts of data and the data centres needed to support this growth are using increasing and often unsustainable amounts of energy.  Verne Global can help organisations ensure that their data centre energy use does not harm the environment.
Verne Global’s flagship data centre, located on the former NATO Command Centre in Keflavik, Iceland, is the world’s first carbon neutral facility and the only data centre that uses primary electricity generated entirely by renewable power, both geothermal and hydroelectric. Verne Global now provides the blueprint for how the industry can support unprecedented demand while mitigating damage to the environment.


Verne Global’s survey analysing how sustainability is effecting the private sector

Verne Global, which owns and operates a 100 per cent carbon neutral powered data centre in Iceland, is conducting a global survey to know why and how companies and sustainability executives are addressing sustainability and to what extent they believe it affects their companies’ bottom line

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Verne Global to speak at Sustainable Innovation Expo in Nairobi, Kenya

Tate Cantrell, CTO, to present ways environmental policy should link to the information age at Climate Action event in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme

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Verne Global’s survey analysing how sustainability is effecting the private sector

05 Dec 2013

Worldwide, Circular Economy, Energy, Technology

Climate Action moves into Verne Global’s carbon neutral data centre

25 Jun 2013

Europe, North America, Circular Economy, Energy