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Solea AG is a top 10 photovoltaic (PV) engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company in Germany.

Founded in 2007, Solea provides fully risk-wrapped utility scale turnkey PV system integration solutions for stakeholders throughout the renewable energy value chain world-wide.

Our clients that have acquired our turnkey PV systems are industrial companies, PV developers, financial investors, strategic investors and public utilities.

Solea AG has designed and integrated over 300 MW of PV systems, of which 70 MW were installed in 2012 alone. The PV Plants we have installed on a turnkey basis can be visited in Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece, Czech Republic, France, South Africa, and North America. Solea is currently reviewing EPC expansion opportunities in Australia, Turkey, Central & South America and Asia.

In 2011, Solea AG together with Solea Capital GmbH, its in-house international business development unit, founded and sponsored its South African EPC subsidiary, Solea Renewables (Pty) Limited, based in Johannesburg. Our EPC focus is on subsidy independent and commercially driven utility scale PV business in the mining, industrial and other commercial sectors as well as supporting public utilities achieve their renewable energy policy.

Since establishing Solea Renewables, we have already succeeded in constructing the world’s first off-grid, utility scale, diesel/PV hybrid, island solution power plant in Limpopo Province, SA. The innovative renewable energy solution was commissioned in November 2012, and allows the mining company to materially reduce its daytime diesel consumption, while establishing a natural energy hedge for the next 20 to 30 years.

Solea AG


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