Climate Action


Zara clothing to be made from 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025

The company that owns Zara has announced all clothing will be made from sustainable fabrics by 2025.

Air travellers face carbon charge to offset emissions

A new consultation has been opened by the Department for Transport to look at introducing a carbon charge to offset emissions.

Iceland go back on plastic pledge after fall in sales

After a loss in sales, Iceland has said there is still a long way to go where plastic pollution is concerned.

UK to lead global innovation for sustainable plastics in shift towards net zero

The UK Government has announced plans to lead a global innovation scheme in the battle of plastic pollution in the drive toward a net...

Changing our diet by 2050 is essential to achieving a sustainable future, new report reveals

The World Resources Institute offers up a five course ‘Menu of Solutions’ to achieve a sustainable food future

World’s largest solar farm to be built in Australia

The world’s largest solar farm may be built in the desert of Australia’s Northern Territory

Sustainable Investing: 10 Principles to Weed Out ‘Ill-Governed’ Companies

Investors want sustainable investments, but what are the criteria? The United Nations has guidance.

UK not prepared for rising temperatures, warns CCC

A new report by the Committee on Climate Change has warned that the UK Government is not prepared to deal with the climate...

Rajbir Kambo on Delta’s vision for a zero carbon future

Ahead of the Climate Innovation Forum taking place during London Climate Action Week on July 3rd, we caught up with Rajbir Kambo, Sales...

E.ON to power 3.3 million homes through renewable energy

E.ON has announced they are now providing all of their residential customers in the UK 100% renewable electricity, at no extra...

A climate crisis disaster happening every week, says UN

The United Nation’s secretary-general’s special representative on disaster risk reduction warned, in an interview with the Guardian,...

National Trust to divest £1 billion away from fossil fuels

The National Trust has announced that it will no longer invest in any fossil fuel companies.

Asda commits to refill scheme in effort to reduce marine plastic

Asda has partnered with the non-profit organisation City to Sea to implement free water-refill schemes in all Asda cafes.

Climate crisis and environmental protection as a focal point of overseas aid

£193m will be spent by the UK government on battling the climate crisis.

Wimbledon goes green, serving 100% recyclable bottles

The international tennis tournament has partnered with Evian to provide all visitors buying water with 100% recycled PET (rPET)...

Co-op commits to reducing GHG emissions 50% by 2025

The Co-op company has pledged to halve their direct greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Fintan Slye on the importance of policy in driving the decarbonisation of the electricity system

Ahead of the Climate Innovation Forum taking place during London Climate Action Week on July 3rd, we caught up with Fintan Slye, National...

Sustainability in Business: 6 Key Trends

Ahead of the Climate Innovation Forum 2019 (CIF), we at Climate Action spoke to leaders of businesses trying to adopt greater sustainable...

Government channels £26m into carbon capture projects

The UK Government has announced that 9 companies have secured £26 in funding for carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS).

Festival organisers present their efforts towards going green

Festival organisers have already started banning plastic bottles and diesel generators. Although this is positive, there is more to being...